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ACP’s Community Foundation Development workshops, webinars, teleconferences and Fireside Chats aim to build the knowledge and capacity of community foundations on a range of issues, topics, challenges and opportunities which are relevant to our sector.  Most events are free to ACP members and are delivered online or via teleconference and are accessible regardless of your location.

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Investment for Community Foundations – Thursday, 31st August 2017

In this webinar, experienced financial adviser Chris Morcom from Hewison Private Wealth explored the requirements for community foundations to have a considered investment policy in place and covered key aspects of an effective Investment strategy for community foundations including how to monitor the performance of your investment and how professional advice fits into the equation.

Adapting Collective Giving for Community Foundations – Thursday, 25th May 2017.

Collective giving has the power to produce community change and is being leveraged by Community Foundations around the world to actively engage donors in strengthening the communities they care about.

In this webinar/teleconference and Masterclass, Jason Franklin, the W.K. Kellogg Community Philanthropy Chair at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University, explored how collective giving aligns with the Community Foundation model and how it can be used as a flexible mechanism which can be adapted and scaled by Community Foundations of all sizes and capacities.

Establishing a Professional Advisers Network – Thursday, 23rd March 2017.

Andrew Lawson, ACP Director and former EO, Geelong Community Foundatin
Dylan Smith, Chair of Australian Community Philanthropy and Executive Officer of Fremantle Foundation

From big cities to small towns, building relationships with lawyers, accountants and wealth advisers to grow community foundations is a proven strategy. With a knowledge of community foundations, Professional Advisers can better advise their clients on their philanthropic giving options.

This webinar explored the why and the how of building relationships with Professional Advisers.

Collaborative Giving – Thursday, 30th May 2016.

James Boyd, National Convenor of Impact100 in Australia
Dylan Smith, Chair of Australian Community Philanthropy and Executive Officer of Fremantle Foundation

Collaborative and Collective Giving enables donors to leverage their contributions by pooling funds with others, significantly magnifying their collective impact. Emergent models of Collaborative Giving such as Impact100 are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.  Collectively Australia’s Impact100 groups have distributed over $1.5million and now operate in Perth, Fremantle, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

Collaborative giving has its origins in grass roots philanthropy and, although flow-through rather than endowment based, has a natural alignment with community foundation values: It can:

  • Bring in more members and more donations
  • Lead to greater community engagement
  • Increase community profile
  • Lead to enhanced local knowledge of community needs
  • Provide high impact grant making capacity
  • Increased local knowledge of philanthropy
  • Provide an opportunity for whole of community response
  • Stimulate a multiplier effect

The Workshop explored what makes a successful giving group and how to kick-start collaborative philanthropy as part of a community foundation. James Boyd shared his learnings from the USA following his research in 2011 of collaborative giving groups. Dylan Smith provided an overview of Impact100 Fremantle which raised $115,000 in its first year. In 2015, more than 100 donors contributed $130,000 to high impact grants, with a game-changing $100,000 awarded to a micro-farming venture.

Successful Strategies for Securing Bequests – Thursday, 11th March 2016.

Bequests have the potential to be a valuable part of a community foundation’s fund-raising toolbox. Developing an effective strategy is, as Geelong Community Foundation and ACP Board member Andrew Lawson points out, ‘much more than having a brochure sitting in the legal office foyer. Contact needs to be made on a sustained basis with Will makers, financial planners and accountants as well as communicating with potential donors who may opt to bypass making a tax deductible donation in favour of making a gift via their will’.

Successful Strategies for Securing Bequests explored developing a successful bequest program with the Acorn Foundation’s Nicky Wilkins, (Acorn has focused on bequests and now has $15 million in total funds under management), Shelly Boyce, Chair of Southern Highlands Foundation and ACP Board member (SHF is about to launch their Bequest program), and Andrew Lawson who has many years experience in building a successful bequest strategy.

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