RallyRound October 2016 – Be Brave and Think Big

A key take away from this year’s National Community Foundations Forum was, for me, framed by opening keynote speaker Ruth Jones who noted that thriving, resilient communities are unlikely to happen without the same commitment to making our own Community Foundations thriving, resilient organisations. Ruth summed it up thus: ‘Investing in your own organisations’s capacity will unleash your foundation’s potential and that of the ecosystem in which you operate. It’s a precondition to making a dent in the social issues you are focused upon’. The corollary of this is bravery, underpinned by great leadership which is unafraid to think ‘big’ when it comes to making a difference. An inspiring example of big and brave thinking was illustrated by Upper Murray Innovation Foundation’s Sara Jenkins and Michael Leonhard, who re-imagined a local bakery as a successful social enterprise, creating jobs, training opportunities (and fantastic pies) in Corryong, a remote, rural township in North East Victoria.

Collaboration was another major theme considered over the three days. Community foundations are by nature collaborative – we understand that meaningful change is predicated on an inclusive approach which engages with the community not just as beneficiaries of the change, but as catalysts, activists and participants. However, effective collaboration doesn’t just happen; ten20 Foundation along with a number of community foundations furnished us with great insight into the opportunities and challenges of harnessing collective effort to achieve effective collaboration in order to addresses the complex needs of our communities.

On behalf of ACP thank you to all those who presented and attended our workshops, sessions and networking events. Thanks also to our supporters. The National Community Foundations Forum is a huge undertaking and everyone involved did a wonderful job. The Forum is part of a continuum of learning and sharing opportunities and we are looking forward to continuing the conversation over the coming months.

Congratulations also to this year’s Community Foundations Awards Recipients. Australian Community Philanthropy is proud to honour: Sue Charlton; INAUGURAL LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, Georgie McKay; AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE AND ACHIEVEMENT in the development of Australian community foundations, Andrea Heffernan; INSPIRATIONAL AWARD for remarkable innovation and action to strengthen a community foundation and Rob Kiddell for his many years of outstanding philanthropic and community service to Mirboo North & District.

Kate Buxton, Executive Officer
October 2016

Board News

As the peak membership organisation for Community Foundations, ACP aims to be a representative voice for the Australian Community Foundation movement empowered by a national network of members. Our focus is to create the optimum operating environment for the growth of Community Foundations in Australia and to support Community Foundations in meeting the challenges of an ever changing philanthropic sector. This work is driven and supported by the ACP Board which includes community foundation practitioners from across Australia. We are delighted to welcome new Board members:


Sally Gamble – Tomorrow: Today Foundation
Ann Lansberry – Community Foundation for Central Victoria
Georgie McKay – Stand Like Stone
Ben Rodgers – Inner North Community Foundation
Heinz Seeberg – Buderim Foundation


On behalf of all our members we thank our departing Board members Paul Clark, Derrick Ehmke, Bill Mithen, Julianne Sanders and Sue Charlton. Sue is a founding Director of ACP; her dedication and hard work has grown and shaped not just our organisation but the whole Community Foundation movement in Australia.

img_6331sml    From Marketing to Community Engagement

As part of Xfactor Strategic Development’s support of the Forum, Julia Keady-Blanch has offered a limited number of complimentary consultations (one hour duration) which can be used for picking Julia’s brain and/or clarifying ideas presented in her workshop. For more information about Xfactors’ wide-ranging skills, visit their website. If you are interested in a follow-up consult with Julia please contact kate.buxton@australiancommunityphilanthropy.org.au

CPPWLogo    Countdown to CPPW (5th-11th December)

Community and Philanthropy Partnerships Week (CPPW) 2016 will be held between the 5th and 11th of December. It is a fantastic opportunity for Community Foundations to showcase and promote the great work they are doing across Australia.

Community Foundation for Central Victoria is one of a number of organisations who have received a CPPW grant. The foundation will develop a digital story on their first ever Big Give event which raised over $83,000 for local community organisations.

There are many ways Community Foundations can participate in CPPW. From hosting a tour for partners, media and other key stakeholders of local projects, to bringing together supporters, volunteers and grant recipients to share their stories and highlight what has been achieved. For more information and ideas on how to celebrate CPPW go here.

Planning a CPPW event or activity? Let us know.

redtape    #Fixfundraising Campaign

Not-for-profit Law is is spearheading a campaign to improve the state of fundraising regulation in Australia. #Fixfundraising is seeking:

  • Clarification and minor amendments to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) to ensure application to fundraising activities is clear and broad
  • Repeal of fragmented state and territory fundraising laws
  • Work with regulators and self-regulatory bodies to provide guidance to fundraisers to continue to improve fundraiser conduct.

Individuals and organisations can indicate their support the campaign here:

frrrthumbnail    FRRR

Following a meeting of The Rural and Regional Funders group at the 2016 Philanthropy Australia Conference, FRRR is keen to hear from rural, regional and remote funders (especially Community Foundations) about your practice and how you think we can work together as a sector to be future ready. Complete the short online survey here.

FRRR’s website has a range of free resources, many of which are relevant to Community Foundation’s and the groups they work with. The Community Resources page is updated regularly with new topics, including a series of webinars on alternate funding options for community groups, links to guides for working with children, as well as other general tools and tips.

magnifyingglass    Resource Roundup

  • GEO is a US based community of over 550 grantmakers. Their report ‘Strengthening NonProfit Capacity‘ offers practical guidance and considerations aimed at helping grantmakers design an effective approach.
  • Trust and confidence in our organisations is critical to our existence. Fulbright Professional Scholar in Non-profit Leadership, Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine’s report into ‘Sustaining Trust and Confidence in Australia’s Charities’ identifies key recommendations which our sector should take note of. These include the observation that charities must embrace the digital age, the need to use data more effectively and the need to lead their own transparency and accountability efforts, rather than be overtaken by them.
  • The ACNC offers a wide range of useful publications including free fact sheets which are relevant to Community Foundations.

tractor    Cultivate Farms

Cultivate Farms is a social enterprise in the early stages of development which is dedicated to making it possible for young families to own a farm by connecting them with investors. After match making a young farming family with a retiring family and investors, Cultivate Farms then provides ongoing management support for each farm.

The idea is the brainchild of Tegan Hicks, Tim Hicks and Sam Marwood who have been encouraged by the strong interest from young farmers, community groups and private investors. They are now ready to buy their first farm around Albury in order to test and prove the model. Ultimately, says Sam ‘A range of farm sizes could be managed under the model with returns under-pinned by Cultivate Farm’s commitment to developing local “value-added” markets for farm produce’. The enterprise is eager to discuss the opportunity with community groups who are looking for ways to attract young people and supporting retiring families to transition. To find out more click here.

ACP is the peak organisation for community foundations in Australia,
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Empowerment is the process of enhancing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. Community foundations empower local philanthropists and communities.