RallyRound InBrief #ShiftThePower


Global Summit to advance a collective and linked up framework for people-led development.

It’s been 12 years since the inaugural Global Summit on Community Philanthropy. During this time, the growth in the number of Community Foundations (1,175 to 1,838) has been more than matched by a growth in the impact delivered by our thriving global sector.

The second Global Summit will take place next month (1st-2nd December) in Johannesburg. Much of the progress in community philanthropy has been underpinned by constantly evolving practices and emerging models such as collective impact, community-level decision-making and innovative financing and investment models. New actors and new networks, including Australian Community Philanthropy, have furthered strengthened this dynamic movement made up of organisations that are living examples of empowerment in action, democratise philanthropy and are ‘of’ rather than just ‘for’ community.

A key aim for the 2016 Summit is to build connections and encourage dialogue between participants leading to a collective and linked up framework for people-led development. Community philanthropy – with its emphasis on local assets, strengthening communities and building trust – is one set of tools and principles that can help achieve this.

Framing the Summit is its hashtag #ShiftThePower. The programme will revolve around 8 Pillars of “good development”:

  1. Participation & mobilising people – people-based development is central to shifting the power.
  2. Added value – we need to strengthen the link between processes (how development programmes are delivered) and outcomes (what is delivered).
  3. Resources – we need to use resources in different ways, test new models and assumptions.
  4. Evidence & data – we need to build evidence for the work and use data to grow and drive it.
  5. Governance – we can enhance the work of other institutions (including public) by demonstrating alternative forms of governance and decision-making.
  6. Effective interventions – our methods can bring better results (emergent practice).
  7. Narrative & communications – words and meanings matter and we need new and better descriptions.
  8. Architecture & hybridity – structure matters and we need to encourage new and emerging forms while reforming existing institutions looking to go local.

The Summit will gather speakers and delegates from across the world. ACP’s EO, Kate Buxton, will be representing Australian Community Philanthropy. She is very much looking forward to sharing the journey that the Australian Community Foundation movement has been on over the last twelve years and, equally importantly, sharing her take-aways and learnings from this unique and important event with our network.

As always, ACP welcomes your input. We encourage you to peruse the Summit’s website, have a look at the programme and please do Contact Us if there is anyone or anything you would like Kate to follow-up on.