RallyRound InBrief – Is your organisation disaster ready?

acossml    Is your organisation disaster ready?

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), the peak body for the community services and welfare sector, has launched the Resilient Community Organisations Toolkit to help organisations measure and improve their resilience to disasters and emergencies.

The Toolkit includes a benchmarking system so organisations can assess their preparedness for disasters and emergencies and identify areas of improvement,

Whilst primarily aimed at service deliverers, the toolkit has much that is relevant to community foundations, as well as being a prompt for encouraging thinking around community resilience.

Resilient Community Organisations can be accessed here:

RippleEffecsml    Progress starts with community

The Ripple Effect, a report from US based the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation with support from the Kettering Foundation, starts with the premise that progress is more likely to come at the community level than it is nationally and goes on to explore how change happens and how change agents, such as community foundations, can be be intentional in their efforts to help bring it about?

The report asserts that change is seeded within an enabling environment, emerges over time and engages multiple actors within an adaptive learning framework which encourages intentional choices that leverage knowledge around what is and isn’t working.

Using Battle Creek, Michigan as a case study – where the Harwood Institute worked with individuals and organizations to address issues of vulnerable children and families – The Ripple Effect identifies nine drivers for change which start with making the community the frame of reference to align action – a notion that is already fundamental to community foundations.

The Ripple Effect can be downloaded here

workshop-logo     Collaborative giving workshop

There are still spaces available at the Collaborative Giving Workshop (teleconference/webinar) which is now scheduled for 11.30am – 1.00pm AEST, Thursday, 30th June 2016 with James Boyd, National Convenor of Impact100 in Australia and Dylan Smith, ACP Chair and EO of the Fremantle Foundation.

Deep Dive into what makes a successful giving group and explore how to kick-start collaborative philanthropy or set up a collaborative sub-fund as part of your community foundation.

James Boyd will talk about his learnings from the USA following his research in 2011 of collaborative giving groups. James and Dylan will then dive into the operations of successful groups drawing from their experience of Impact100, the model now successfully operating in Perth, Fremantle, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.

In 2014 Impact100 Fremantle raised $115,000 in its first year. In 2015, more than 100 donors contributed $130,000 to high impact grants, with a game-changing $100,000 awarded to a micro-farming venture. Collectively Australia’s Impact100 groups have distributed over $1.5million.

The workshop is free to ACP members (non members $55). For more information contact kate.buxton@australiancommunityphilanthropy.org.au



Registrations for the National Community Foundations Forum will open soon. This year’s theme – Building Resilience Through Innovation and Collaboration – focuses on how the community foundation sector can evolve and adapt in order to thrive in a challenging and changing environment.

You can get a sneak peek at the program outline here. To be notified as soon as tickets become available contact kate.buxton@australiancommunityphilanthropy.org.au