Enabling Sustainable Regional Community Philanthropy

Enabling Sustainable Regional Community Philanthropy (ESRCP) is a new initiative from ACP which will build the capacity of Australia’s 26 active rural and regional community foundations and provide them with tools and resources to raise awareness of their organisations, engage with donors, grant seekers and the broader community and assist them to identify and meet the unique needs of their communities.

ESRCP aims include:

  • Building greater awareness and understanding of community foundations at a local and national level
  • Building the capacity of community foundations in new and emerging areas (e.g. collaborative giving, collective impact)
  • Developing the capacity of community foundations to identify, meet the needs of and engage with their communities
  • Developing the capacity of community foundations around partnership building

ACP is actively seeking funding support for ESRCP. The initiative is an approved project of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR). Donations, grant funding and other financial contributions to this project will be accepted into the FRRR Public Fund and used solely for the purposes of this project. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

To make a contribution to ESRC download the Donation Form(donations over $2 are tax deductible) or make a secure online donation via FRRR using your credit card

For more information on this initiative download the ESRCP Project Scope

The two key components of ESRCP are:

Vital Signs Component

Vital Signs is a program conducted by community foundations around the world. It provides a comprehensive and accessible look at how our communities are faring in key quality-of-life areas. Because Vital Signs utilises credible and reliable data, it is used by foundations to shape their grant giving activities and drive policy and change at a local, national and global level. Vital Signs is founded upon collaboration and provides community foundations with a range of community engagement tools.

The Vital Signs component of of ESRCP will focus on:

  • Identifying appropriate Australian Vital Signs key quality of life issue areas and their associated indicators (data sets)
  • Establishing relationships with key partners (research organisations and other philanthropic organisations)
  • Developing new Vital Signs resrouces for our region
  • Assisting community foundations as they navigate the program

Core Capacity Component

This component will leverage the learnings and outcomes of ACP’s 2013/14 Mapping the Community Foundation Movement Report

  • Further measure the impact of community foundations at a community and collective level in Australia
  • Assess the potential for community foundations to utilise emerging philanthropic models including collaborative giving, collective impact, flow-through versus endowment structures
  • Identify the current challenges facing community foundations and how these can be overcome
  • Develop tools and resources to enable community foundations to raise awareness

contact kate.buxton@australiancommunityphilanthropy.org.au for more information