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2016 was another busy and positive year for Border Trust. The Foundation continued to work with philanthropic partners, local businesses, local events and individual donors to enable giving that provides 100% local benefits.

Border Trust’s 2017 Community Grant round culminates in the BigGIVE on Wednesday 24th May.

Border Trust’s Year in Review 2016

Ann Lansberry, EO of the Community Foundation for Central Victoria will soon be heading off to the USA as a recipient of the 2016 Australian David Clarke Fellowship. Ann will be visiting several US states and cities, including Minnesota, Texas, Colorado and Sacramento, to investigate collective online ‘Giving Days’. CFCV ran a very successful Big Give in 2016 and Ann is pioneering this model in Australia.

Gillian Sellar has stepped down as Chair of the Denmark Community Foundation after 10 years at the helm. Gill, a founding Chair of the Foundation, has worked tirelessly on behalf of her community. ACP welcomes DCFWA’s new Chair Kylie Cutten.

  A Message from Geoff Sharp …

To all of my colleagues co-workers and dear friends in Community Foundations across Australia. The time has come for me to bring to a close my chapter here at the Ballarat Foundation and United Way Ballarat. Almost 9 years ago I took a six month contract and I guess we got pretty good mileage from that contract. My intention is to take a good long break and then to “explore options” as they say. After many years of support from my family it is now their turn and I look forward to supporting them over the next few years, in particular my wife who has taken on a new and challenging role covering Victoria and Tasmania. I intend to spend some more time on our little farm and enjoy a little less haste in the everyday if that is possible, although I am not sure having teenage children contributes to less haste.

I am deck here until the end of March and then it is time for me to find stage left. I sincerely thank you all for your support and encouragement, I may have to see if I can get involved somehow with some community foundations as the passion runs deep and I am not sure I can ever truly walk away! Perhaps we may meet again at a Foundation Forum in the future.

There is never a perfect time to do these things but the Ballarat Foundation and United Way Ballarat are at the very best place they can be to provide a platform for substantial impact on our community and the needs we see around us. There is a new Strategy, a new and energised Board and a profile of the organisation which allows us to impact and achieve substantial and lasting change in our community.

Checkout two new new videos from the Fremantle Foundation highlighting some of of the foundation’s wonderful donor and social impact stories from the Merenda Fund and Impact100 Fremantle.

The Albany Community Foundation, which has raised in excess of $300,000 and distributed more than $138,000 since its launch 3 years ago, has announced its an exciting new initiative. The ACF Impact Grant will award an existing Albany based charity a sizeable grant which will have a significant beneficial impact on the Community.

This short video from the Tomorrow:Today Foundation is a terrific example of how Community Foundations are making a difference and supporting meaningful change in their communities:

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