Our 2015 Strategic Plan

Australian Community Philanthropy (ACP) has made significant progress in contributing to the development of philanthropy in Australia. The Board aims to increase our footprint in community philanthropy because thriving community foundations enhance community well being and sustainability. ACP is well placed to continue to do so across Australia, with a Board that represents all Australian states except Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

We recognise that there are challenges that must be overcome and steps that need to be undertaken for us to realise the most of our opportunities. These include working with limited resources to ensure that we meet our potential to build stronger communities in every region, and learning to better communicate across locations and time zones. This Strategic Plan sets out some of the steps that we will take to enable us to contribute to community philanthropy to the full extent possible.

To ensure ACP takes advantage of its opportunities for growth through adoption of this Strategic Plan, each Board member has taken on a portfolio role for the priority areas. Each portfolio area has a lead director responsible for driving that priority and a support person to assist. The directors of each portfolio area will report on progress to full Board at meetings, particularly the planned strategic meetings over the year.

We are looking forward to a productive year with strong growth over the period of this Strategic Plan.

2015 Strategic Plan Australian Community Philanthropy