Australian Community Philanthropy is a not-for-profit membership organisation that nurtures, supports and grows community foundations across Australia.

Community foundations are place-based, independent, community-based philanthropic vehicles. They make it easy for people to contribute to a pool of funds which is used to support charitable projects through purposeful grantmaking.

Community Foundations build social capital by bringing donors together, making grants and undertaking community leadership, convening and partnership activities. Individuals, families, businesses and organisations work with community foundations to pool and grow charitable funds that help meet changing community needs.

In a nutshell:  local people giving time, skills and money for community benefit.

There are at least 38 community foundations in Australia, which have collectively given over $100 Million in grants to not-for-profits and charities in their communities.

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This short video from the Tomorrow Today Foundation is a terrific example of how Community Foundations are making a difference and supporting meaningful change in their communities:

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Mapping Australian Community Foundations

ACP has mapped community foundations in Australia –  how many there are, their location and size, how they operate and what objectives and impact they strive to achieve. Find out more…