WELCOME to Australian Community Philanthropy (ACP)

ACP is a network and peak organisation for Community Foundations working together to build community foundation sector capacity and strengthen collective profile, reach and impact.

We also invite other community philanthropy organisations to engage with our Community Foundation network.

Together we are more visible and stronger. Join us for the community philanthropy journey.

Community philanthropy is about engaged citizenship and the empowerment of local communities. It starts from the premise that philanthropy is for everyone and that all communities have assets – skills, knowledge, networks and money. When people pool their assets to take action on issues that matter to them, they become co-investors with a personal stake in the projects they support. In the process, they build community power and voice.

Community Foundations around Australia

There are 39 Community Foundations in Australia at present, at least one in each state and in the ACT.

To find your local Community Foundation, click below to a list of foundations with links to their web sites.

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