Australian Community Philanthropy is a not-for-profit membership organisation that nurtures, supports and grows community foundations across Australia.

Community foundations are place-based, independent, community-owned philanthropic vehicles. They work with a range of donors to build endowment funds as long-term community assets; they make grants to local organisations and initiatives; and they bring people together to build social capital and strengthen their communities.

In a nutshell:  local people giving time, skills and money for community benefit.

There are at least 36 community foundations in Australia, which have collectively given over $97 Million in grants to not-for-profits and charities in their communities.

Philanthropy for everyone!

Donating through a community foundation can extend the impact of a donation, ensuring your gift continues to make a difference.

Community Foundations harness the power of philanthropy and their deep local knowledge. They support local organisations delivering projects and programs that meet local need, building healthy, sustainable and resilient communities.

Community Foundations work with donors, assisting them to think strategically about how they give and ensuring their donation has the greatest impact on the issues and causes they care about.

Want to get involved? Find out if there’s a community foundation near you.


This year’s theme – Building Resilience Through Innovation and Collaboration – focused on how the community foundation sector can evolve and adapt in order to thrive in an increasingly challenging and changing environment.

Thank you to our speakers and delegates for making the event a huge success. We are looking forward to continuing the conversation.




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Mapping Australian Community Foundations

ACP has mapped community foundations in Australia –  how many there are, their location and size, how they operate and what objectives and impact they strive to achieve. Find out more…