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Australian Community Philanthropy is a not-for-profit membership organisation that nurtures, supports and grows community foundations across Australia.

Community foundations are place-based, independent, community-owned philanthropic vehicles. They work with a range of donors to build endowment funds as long-term community assets; they make grants to local organisations and initiatives; and they bring people together to build social capital and strengthen their communities.

In a nutshell:  local people giving time, skills and money for community benefit.

There are at least 36 community foundations in Australia, which have collectively given over $97 Million in grants to not-for-profits and charities in their communities.

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This short video from the Tomorrow:Today Foundation is a terrific example of how Community Foundations are making a difference and supporting meaningful change in their communities:

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Mapping Australian Community Foundations

ACP has mapped community foundations in Australia –  how many there are, their location and size, how they operate and what objectives and impact they strive to achieve. Find out more…